Sabtu, 15 April 2017

Asking an Expert~

        On 13th April, I met my best friend (and my master in gaming) who don’t want to be named, so let’s just name him Z. He have a decent skill in gaming and I’ve learned a lot from him. A couple of weeks ago I was given a task to interview someone and I decide to go for him. I asked a few question about gaming, and I told him that I’m going to post it here. He agreed, but with the condition that his identity isn’t publicated (he thinks sharing a tips about game on the internet without an alias has a huge risk about being humiliated when they meet you in real life, I don’t know is that true).
          Cough... I asked about a game on smartphone named Vainglory, it’s a great MOBA game. I’m still new on thins game, but thanks to him now I’m pretty good at it. In the game there are three roles to play, a carry which is the main damage dealing role, the jungler, the one who lurk the jungle to level up their hero and serve as the anti-carry, and a captain, the one who protect the carry from the jungler.
          I’m pretty good at jungler and captain role but not so good at the carry role. So I decided to ask him how to be a good carry.
          A (me) : Z, You’re a pretty good gamer and certinly you can play vainglory, right?
          Z : Of course, but I don’t think I’m really that good.
A : In the game, there are three roles to play correct? A carry, jungler and a Captain.
          Z : Yes. And each hero have their own roles.
          A : Which roles you play the most? I mean your favorite role.
          Z : The jungler is my favorite
A : Okay, Can I ask you about tips on the game... but it’s not about jungler tips because I’m pretty good at it, it’s about how to be a good carry.
          Z : Carry is not my best role, but I think I can give some tips.
A : Okay, so... what do you think we should do in early game as a carry?
Z : A carry in vainglory usually have a strong attack with devastating abilities, but they are really vulnerable. So in early game you should focus on farming gold in the lane by last-hitting the opposite team’s minions.
A : Last-hitting is a technique where you only hit a target when they are about to die, right?
Z : Yes, and it’s and important skill to master for a carry. One hero even take an extra advantage on it, such as Ringo.
A : How about in the mid-game?
Z : When the game reach 10 minutes, it’s more likely the enemy jungler are ready to kill you. You will have to pay attention on the lane, especially on the bush where the jungler might lurk and wait to give you an unpleasant surprise. You might want to stay with your captain or stay away from a bush.
A : What if there are no captain? I mean a team can consist of two carries and a jungler, or two junglers and a carry, right?
Z : In that case, stay on the back-line... let the one with the highest survivability on the front-line such as Grumpjaw, Glaive, Krul, Reim and support them from behind. It’s also important that you’re free from anything to deal damage to enemy heroes, so pick a place where there are no enemies and you will be fine.
          A : How about the late game?
Z : When the game reach 15 minutes, a kraken will awake. And most of the time, a team will only try to unleash that tower-eating-beast when they clearly have the upper-hand such as an Ace or when their enemy team’s jungler and carry has been killed. If the entire team is still alive they probably just hide in the bush and wait for their enemy to strike first. Just follow your captain, or the jungler with the highest survivability and you will be fine.
A : How about the items?
Z : A carry should focus on damage-dealing items on all of their slots, leaving two slots with a boots and a defensive items.
A : Are there any other tips?
Z : The point of being a carry is to serve as the primary damage dealers, which means you are build to kill. Even so, you can’t just rush on your enemy without second thought, you’ll end up getting killed and your team going to have a hard time to deal with your enemies. Patient and focus is the key of being a good carry, and your team captain also affect how well you play as carry role. If the captain can protect you well, you will be a devastating carry.
A : Among the carriers, which hero do you like the most?
Z : I like Kestrel the best, she is a flexible carry.. you can play her with crystal and weapon build. Although some other carries such as Ringo, Blackfeather, Idris, and Vox can also be both crystal and weapon carry, Kestrel suits me the best. Lyra which is a captain hero can also play as carry, but she’s extremely weak so you might need an extra defensive items, but in her case, instead of buying armor and shields, just focus on hitpoints item to improve her Imperial Sigil skills.
A : Okay thankyou, I’ll try it

          And that’s that... he also said something in the end, that his tips and ways to play carry in the game might be different from how other carry do. And that’s why he said that I have to find my own style of playing. And he also said that don’t take game too seriously, games are designed for fun. Just like one of our friend Iroha said “having fun with your friends, is the key to be a better player”.

Extra post - Another English Assignment

Yo, in this post I'll share one of my work during the english class. As I said in my latest extra we are told to work in pair to create a video about creating a robot, but it isn't about creating a real one, it's just a conversation about creating one.

here's the link (but I should remind you... it's bad hahahah)

Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

Extra post - What Happen in the English class

Yo, yet another extra post... it’s the 2nd.
I’m going to tell you what happen in the last english class. The class once again took place in AMCOR UNTAN. So, we’re still discussing about robots and stuffs, and that day the lecturer gave us an assignment that has to be done as a pair of two. We aren’t the one to decide who to pair with, the lecturer choose it for us, which is a good thing for me, but I don’t want to talk about the reason why it’s a good thing. The assignment is pretty simple, we were told to create a dialogue of two people trying to create a robot (which is very interesting). I was teamed up with my senior named Sy... second thought, I’m not going to write his name, let’s just say he is Sy.
Sy did almost everything, he is the one who created the dialogue in Indonesian, and I’m translating it to english (I don’t know why I decided to take this part of the job, my english isn’t very good). We were designing a mechanic, a robot who can repair cars, and taking care of them. The most difficult part of the job is to decide how much will it cost if we are going to sell it (really? Do we really have to think about that too?). And the most interesting part is deciding the features of the robots and it’s name.
I was planning to write down the dialogue here, but I forgot where did I put the paper... awesome... I’ll try to find it, and when I do, I’ll either edit this post or create a new one...
That’s it, for today’s extra... since it isn’t completed yet I think the right words to close this topic is....

To Be Continued.....

Things I can't live without

Yo... we meet again.

I’ve made changes to my blog, not really that much of a big change. For those who happen to visit this blog more than once will know the difference.
Anyway, on today’s topic I’d like to share my opinion about the most important not-so-important-things that I can’t live without them (wait... what?). Yeah, so I’m going to talk about things I will never be able to live without, but I’m not going to talk about a life without oxygen, foods, or things like that (because it’s obvious we can’t survive without those things). I’m talking about things like, laptop, smartphone, or anything affecting our lifestyle (uhhh... oxygen isn’t really affect our lifestyle right? I mean, oxygen exist from the beginning). Enough with that, I can’t really understand what am I trying to explain -.- but the point is, today’s topic is “I can’t imagine life without”. Let’s get started.

For someone like me, who dedicated their life to drawings (now, I really am questioning my choice of subject.... civil engineering -.-) things like pencils, eraser, papers are the basic survival tools. Losing one them are frustrating for most of us, but for me... Losing one of them is like losing my life (pencils worth 50 hit points, eraser and papers worth 25 hit points each... game stuffs). Before I go to the campus I always checked my bag, and the first thing I checked is my drawing tools. To tell the truth, those are the only things I checked before I leave. How about my books then? Well I only have one large book, and that should be enough (which unfortunately isn’t enough -.- I ended up asking my friend to lend me some papers).

Drawings for me, isn’t just a hobby... it’s a way to live. I can stand a whole day without eating as long as I am working on a drawing. I don’t know why but when I began to draw those lines and curves, I seem to forget about everything else, even the time itself. There’s one time I tried to draw something, everything starts from random sketches, and when I’m done with it... 5 hours has passed, and my head is spinning, my stomach hurts (thanks to skipping meals), and I can’t even stand.. It’s like I don’t have any legs.

Other things I can’t live without is, my smartphone and laptop. Both serve the same way as papers, pencils, and erasers. Yeah, I used my smartphone and my laptop to draw, you know digital arts... I still need to learn how to create epic digital arts like those in internet (they’re beautiful... I’ll give everything to be able to draw like that). But I think it’s safe to say that I possess the ability to draw a decent digital arts (not perfect, not good, but not that bad either.... well, maybe it’s still count as bad -.-). Other than drawing, I use them for gaming, I have a lot of games in my laptop and most of them aren’t really popular in my place. They’re Ragnarok Battle Offline, Rune Factory, Professor Layton series, God Eater, Shingeki no Kyojin, AoTTG, Samurai Warriors’... wait... I was talking about drawing stuff wasn’t I?

Okay before things go further away from our main topic, I think it’s time to stop now. That’s from me today see you next time... What about you guys? feel free to share them~~~

Sabtu, 18 Maret 2017

Extra post - English class assignment

Yo, this is the first extra in my blog (not sure why I called it extra post -.-). I’m going to tell you guys things that happens in every Friday english class. On 3rd of march (the first Friday on March (^_^)/) I learned how to prounounce cucumber and queue for the first time (I should have not wrote this down -.-). And the last Friday (17th of march) we are having an online class, and nothing speacal really happened. So I’m going to tell you the day when we were discussing about robots on the second Friday of march (17th march).
Ehhem, everything goes well just like any other normal classes. There is only one things that doesn’t not going well. And that thing is the freezing temperature of the class. The others seems to enjoy that (weirdos -.- I dunno why they enjoy it so much being inside a cold room like that) but I don’t really like cold. My jacket is not enough to protect me from the cold air (you disappointed me jacket, you didn’t do what you supposed to do -.-). Fortunately I was able to survive that deadly climate.
Later on, the teacher gave us an assignment, we form a team of four and began to do our works. It was an easy task, but what makes it difficult is we have a different point of views whisch affects our answer. But somehow, we managed to finish it first (of course we do bahahaha).

Why don’t you guys try it? I’ll post the problems and the reading materials (and my answers, but try to answer it first before scrolling down to the answer. It’s super easy after all~~). Okay here it is (my answer is below the picture, but as I said before, try to figure it first)... 

Well I don't know if you can read that (hahahaha). Just try to makes use of what I give (pffft...).

My team answer: 
- Abdul Haris Ridho ( D1011141087 )
- Andi Akbar ( D1011141073 ) <<< It's ME!!!
- Nurkholis ( D1011141083 )
- Yogi Wicahya ( D1011141041 )

1. a) If the robots became our personal assistant reminder
    b) The robots maintenance will cost money

2. A robot that can transform into a vehicle

3. First paragraph in line 8, second paragraph in line 12, and third in line 28

Part C
1. a. The answer is robots in the home.
    b. The answer is robots will improve our lives in many ways.

Part E
1. The answer is A

And the last is the number 3 of the “Going beyond the text” part.

3. a) It would be bad if robots became pilot, it will be dangerous and will make most of human pilots lost their job.

b) A robot who can cook is great, because they can do it faster.

c) A robot as a doctor is bad, because if something goes wrong with the robots it would be dangerous.

d) It would be great if a robot become a police, because they don't take bribes.

e) It will be interesting if a robot can sing, because a human who can sing is too mainstream.

f) A robot as a store clerk is great, because they have the capability to serve us well.

g) A robot taxi driver is asking for danger. It is dangerous if the robot broke while it’s driving.

h) A robot teacher is bad. A robot is stiff, freak, and strict.

My basic skill

Yo! Hello again random people who happened to read this blog accidentally. Today I’m going to write about myself again, (I know it’s a little late, but I’ll write it anyway). So on this topic, I’m going to tell you guys about my skills. I have plenty of skills but I’m not going to write and tell you about all of them. Instead, I’m going to tell you one that I’m pretty proud of, yap its’ drawing.
            I don’t really remember when my hands actually able to move and create those scratchy skecthes on a piece of paper. All I know is I really like to draw since I was a kid. And when I look at my old drawings, sometimes I found myself smiling on my own (some people who saw me actually thinking I have lost my mind). Because it’s look really bad. I think I have improved a lot until now, but that doesn’t mean I’m satisfied of what I can do now. In fact, I don’t think I’m good enough and that’s why I have to try my best to improve my skill to a higher level.
            I’m pretty proud of my skill though, I think not everyone has the ability to draw like me. But when I saw other people’s arts... well to put it simply, I feel like every single sweats, tears, and bloods I drop is not enough (which is usually makes my drawings ends up in a trash bin). I’m still looking for what is wrong with my drawings, I feel like it’s good enough but it’s just very far from where I want it to be (wait, what?). I mean, when I look at it, it’s good but when I try to compare it with others’ works, my skills arn’t good enough (not even close -.-).
            *cough cough* I really wanted to improve my drawing skill, because I wanted to make an animation of my own. But to do that I have to overcome many obstacles and to try something a little bit easier than making an animation. Yap a comic, until now I have made about three comics (if I remember it correctly) and all of them ends up in a fire (burn it down!! YEAAAH!!) because it’s looks like a trash.
            Well, that’s it for now, see ya on my next post!  

Jumat, 03 Maret 2017

I, Me, and Myself

On 23rd of May 1997, among the sound of people who demand the resignation of Soeharto, a child’s cry was heard when he was born to earth. A boy who is going to hit 20 years old this year. And in the past 19 years a lot has changed. He was a cheerful, innocent child looking for nothing but a fun way to pass the time. He fears nothing and will never stop until something hard hit his head, literally. And now he has grown to someone he never thought he would be. A reckless, crazy species who lives in his own world, where his imagination is the limits.

 He graduated from elementary school somewhere on earth after six years of epic childhood adventure. And he fought for education and a piece of paper everyone needs to advance to the next level in Junior High school within two years. And finally moved to Pontianak to take part of a brand new high school adventure in Muhammadiyah 1 High School, Pontianak. Currently he is struggling as a student of Tanjungpura University.

 He took civil engineering subject without any idea what is it all about. His original planning was to take architecture or arts subject but somehow those subjects aren’t tied with his fate. Until now, he has overcome many challenges that almost drop him to his demise, not literally of course. Somehow he managed to stay alive until he hit the sixth semester of his study and continued to fight in order to be able to wear a black hat and a robe while holding a precious roll of paper in his hand.

 Phew, I don’t think I can write the next story like that anymore. So yeah, everything I wrote was the truth. There are no lies in it, even if it sounds a little bit exaggerated. My name is Andi Akbar and as I said, I am a student of UNTAN and I took civil engineering without any idea what is it all about. But that only makes everything more interesting isn’t it? Although, I don’t recommend taking a subject you don’t like.
  Cough... cough... I think we can learn new things every day, every time, and everywhere. For example just a couple of days ago (Friday to be exact, which is yesterday -.-) I just found the fact that I didn’t pronounce the words “cucumber” and “queue” the way it should be pronounced for years, awesome isn’t it...?. That day was in fact, the first day I learned english subject in UNTAN. Don’t be surprised, english is a 6th semester subject so it’s normal that just learned it now. But it was fun, though my body doesn’t like the cold air (thanks to the immortal air conditioner, it can’t be turned off) inside American Corner of UNTAN where the class took place.
 I learn a lot that day, considering the amount of time the english class has (from 8 am to 10 am, I really hope for more -.-). The topic we were discussing about was Robots, It’s not about how to create one though (well duh, obviously). It’s more like sharing information about what robots do nowadays, like a robot that act as a receptionist in a hotel in Japan (I wrote this as an answer of a quiz, hehehehe).

 Uhh, I think I should stop for now... the music I heard on my ears started to play it’s trick to drive me sleepy... so the conclusion is, my name is Andi Akbar, currently studying in civil engineering of UNTAN and I choosed UNTAN with no reason -.-'

That’s it for now, see you later.