Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

Olis's Final Exam Video

Hi, so my friend Nur Kholis happens to forgot the password of his email he is using for his blog.. so we decided to upload his final exam video here instead.

Here it is... oh the sound quality of the video is very poor.. you might need earphone and set the volume to 100% to be able to listen it.

My Final Exam Video

Hello, this is my final post. Well I might keep blogging but I'm not going to use this one because I created this one only because of the english course I took this semester.
So this video is my last post... I suggest not to waste any precious seconds in your life to open it hahahah joke

Selasa, 30 Mei 2017

Extra Post - what is speech? (last and It's a bit late).

Well here I am on my last post...
I'm don't really know what to write about so I gues I'm just going go post a picture of what happened in the english class... the last english class before the latest onethat is... we were discussing about speech,.and we were divided into groups and we were asked to answer what are speech? What are the aspect we need in it? And ultimately the topic we are going to use in our final exam.
My choice of topic is rather predictable I suppose... it's drawing... never went to far from it~~~

So here are a few pict of our paperworks

Speechs... is it? Speech draft for final exam

There! The truth has been told! The truth about this blog of mine hahahah

Greetings to those who willingly waste their time reading this. I’m going to share some of my Idea through this speech of mine.. If you can call it a speech that is (more like a small talk, but yeah). I’ve been writing a lot about my interest in drawings. And so you guys probably know that it’s one of my fundamental skills (an exception to those who value their time and chosed not to waste any of it by reading my blog). Right, so now I’m currently studying in Civil Engineering of UNTAN which I took without any second thought of what Civil Engineering is all about.
Turns out that Civil Engineering might be suitable enough for me... if you count math and physics out of the realm that is... because it has something to do with drawing or drawing has something to do with it. And now here I am, trying to tell you what is the connection of Drawing and Civil Engineering.
First of all a civil engineer need to be able to design a building right? I mean architect do that kind of things too... but they don’t care about numbers and such... those weight falls to the shoulder of a civil engineer. And what words comes into your mind when you hear design? Well, I don’t know about yours.. but for me... it has to be drawings.
Well, like... what are you trying to design if there are no drawings? The image of what are you going to create should look like. That means drawings is one of the basic skill you have to master in civil engineering. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to be an artist, because as long as you can use ruler and pencils... you’ll be fine... probably.
So, why do I say that drawing is the one of the basic skills of civil engineer? Well, it’s not drawings like anime characters or such... which is sadly that is my kind of drawings. To put it simple, some people finds drawing a bit frustrating. Because pulling repetitive lines, can be pretty boring sometimes. If someone feels that way, he/she probably won’t fit in... The fact that the drawing in the design of a simple building is complicated as an advanced sci-fi film is not helping them at all. Yes, you heard me right... even a simple cube-shaped building design have a lot of lines overlaying one another. Making it looks more like a fish net than a building. So, don’t let the shape of the now-finished building fools you.
So, what can those people who finds drawing is frustrating do to take part in Civil Engineering? Well, as I said before... you don’t have to be a famous artist. All you need to do is to bear with the boredom and frustration. Deal with it, that’s the only way. And what about the next generation of humankind? Well, we can just teach them about drawings in their young stages... like we always did. But, instead of just teaching them with the classic small-circle-large-circle song. We should try to teach them the reason why they need to at least able to draw a cube. Because when you know why you should do something will make you less lazy to do it. Like having no I-don’t-want-to-deal-with-this feeling in yourself, or at least a perhaps-I-have-to-do-it feeling will grow in you.
Drawing, isn’t as light as it souds... you shouldn’t underestimate this skill of yours. Yes, everyone is able to draw... it’s just some people lack the reason of why they should do it. Although, everyone actually did it almost everytime in their mind when they tried to describe something. See? It is an important skill to have.. If you can’t draw the image of what are you trying to describe, what are you going to say?. But this doesn’t make any other skills and traits sounds less important. Everything is impotant in your life... If you happen to have a question like “what is the importance of having an anger?” and you began to think that anger isn’t good and therefore you tried your best to get rid of it from your life... you just haven’t find the reason of why you need to be angry at times. Quoting Chitanda Eru’s quote from the anime Hyouka “If you can never get angry that means probably you have nothing you like, either”. The same goes for drawing.. just try to think for a minute abou it.
Well, enough of that I suppose... I’ll see you another time.

Talk about future business

Hello there, we meet again
Have you guys ever think about what are you going to do in the future? Like, what are you going to be? Or what are you going to do with your life? Because I’d like to talk about that in this post.
Well, to be honest.. I haven’t give it a thought so that’s it.THE END
Pfft.. joke... (unless you want it to end like that then you shouldn’t read any further. Those who have a pretty much time to waste, then you are free to leave too... no, please don’t leave yet!). As for me, I think I’m going to make use of my gaming and drawing skills. Am I going to be an artist or a professional gamer? Well I’ll let the time reveal the path I should take later.
Hang on, did I just said professional gamer? Is there’s such a thing like that? Well, believe me or not.. there is. Some people who devoted themselves to games exist. And some of them earns from it, that’s why they are considered professionals. Such as pewdiepie... well he is a youtuber but he play a various games and record his gampelay and gained his popularity because of his raection and review of said games (CMIIW, because that is what I see about pewds, he’s a gamer). And some people who compete in gaming contest should also be considered as professional gamers right?
And who knows those people might end up being a game developer. Because even someone like me managed to create an RPG game. Which took me 3 months to develop the entire game, but sadly the gameplay end roughly within 3 hours... (where are those 3 motnh of efforts gone?).
So, yeah...  I’ll probaby go for the artist path though.. since the time seems to begin showing me the path I should’ve take.

Okay that’s it guys~~~! (yet another bold outro... -.-)

Rabu, 10 Mei 2017

A drawing tutorial

Hello guys, I’m back with another post.
Remember when I wrote about my skills? One of them is drawing, and I was like... I think I should at least show you guys how good I am at it. Well, to be honest... I’m not really good at it, but I do find some fun in drawing and this is the only skill I have which I’m pretty proud of (aside from gaming of course).
So, I decided to make a tutorial video about drawing. So that it didn’t serve only as a way to show my skill, but also to share it with you.... it’s not good because of the way I recorded it makes my hand’s room of movement is very limited. And also the fact that I’m not really in the mood of drawing doesn’t help at all. Not to mention the heat, seriously I think if I were an egg, I think I’m going to be cooked just because of this heat.
In the video below, I tried to draw a simple version of one of my original characters named Eria to tell you guys the basic of drawing an anime-styled character. So to those who wanted to draw but feeling you are not good in drawing, I hope this video will help you. And trust me when I say this, it takes a long and huge effort to be able to draw from the one I drew in the video to the drawing I showed at the end of the video. So If you find yourself not being able to draw the way you wanted to at the first or tenth times... don’t give up, that is just the first step of distance away.
Oh, and one more thing... I’d like to apologize in front about my english in the video. I don’t know why but I kinda feel nervous, I just can’t spit the word inside my mind properly. And you guys have no idea how many times I should take this video and cut it.
Anyway, let’s just get to the video, let me know what you think about it.. okay?

Jumat, 05 Mei 2017

Extra Post - Watching A Movie in Class!

Hello there,
I finally have time to write this thing again, after my brother’s wedding party I don’t really have much time to think about other things... In fact I was so happy that I couldn’t remember any home works I got.. and that wasn’t cool... because I had to skip class to avoid the lecturers’ wrath.
In this post, I’d like to tell you about what happened during english class today. If I can say, today is the best english class... because we are told to watch a movie. The title is Akeelah and the Bee. I thought it’s an amateur film created by some college students out there in US, but it turned out to be an awesome film, with some familiar faces like Tzi Ma, the one who play Consul Han in Rush Hour 1 and 3.
The film itself tell a story about an 11-year old girl named Akeelah Anderson who possess the ability to spell words with ease and her effort trying to take part in National Spelling Bee despite her mother’s objections. There are times that she almost gave up but somehow she managed to push herself right back to her feet and try again. I really wanted to tell you how good this movie is, but I think those who haven’t watched it yet will not appreciate any spoilers....
Right before the movie starts, the lecturer gave us three questions to answer... they are as follows:
1. Who is your favorite characters... and why did you chose her/him?
2. What is the best scene in the movie and what does it taught you?
3. Write 10 words that the characters in the movie spelled, along with their meaning.
And I answered on my paper (I don’t bring any textbook as usual... pfft)...
                1. My favorite character is Akeelah, not because she is the main protagonist but she is very much like me. Sometimes she felt like she doesn’t fit in with others, like a lost person or some outer space creature form planet Zorg... (what the?). And she have skill in spelling but her mother doesn’t support her to make use of it.. (in my case my skill is drawing but.... yeah). She also have a problem with self confidence... and so do I.
                2. The best scene (spoilers... pfft) is the moment Akeelah participate in regional bee and she cannot spell a word she was given. And when the next speller tried to spell the word she has to spell (spelling pun hahahah.. cough) he was stuck in the last three words (If I’m not mistaken) and his mother helped him from the audience seat... Akeelah sister noticed that he was cheating, but the speller’s mother tried to cover their act, before the speller himself said they were cheating... This scene taught me that honesty is what you need to win even when you lose..
                3. The 10 words~~~~
                a. Brunneus : Dark brown colors, used in scientific things... (why don’t they just say brown?)
                b. Fortification : A defensive wall built to strengthen something...
                c. Doubt : Questioning one’s idea.
                d. Fanciful : I dunno, something fancy? Exotic or what?
                e. Ambidextrous : Able to do things with either left or right hand with the same efficiency
                f. Pterodactyl : Yo! Flying ancient birds...!
g. Intussusception : (Medical) The inversion of one portion of the intestine within another.. (thank God google exist..)
h. Staphylococci : A bacteria. I’ll leave it at that.
i. Laboratory : A place where smart-heads do their experiments
j. Rhesus : A small yellowish monkey from India.

That’s all I have to share.. I don’t know how to put an ending so... this is it... see you!